After plead­ing no contest to spousal battery, that skirt-chasing "Apocalypto" Octo-dad MEL GIBSON has found a new woman – a stunning beauty pageant winner no less than half his age.

The 55-year-old Oscar winner got cozy with Da­ni Karlsson, 26, at Drai’s restaurant and nightclub in Hollywood on April 27 after she’d been partying there with girlfriends.

The 2010 Miss World Sweden was so excited about hooking up with Mel that she gloated on her blog: “Tonight I went to Drai’s and I had dinner with…Mel Gibson and other fun people.

Sat for hours and talked about movies with Mel, drank loads of fruit drinks and after that, he ad­justed my back and neck, which felt fantastic!”

Other patrons spotted Mel and Da­ni’s intimate encounter and informed an Internet blogger, who posted: “Two bodyguards kept other civilians at bay while Mel directed most of his attention to a skinny young brunette.

“He spent most of the night talking to this younger girl. He was sitting really close to her and talking into her ear.”

Gibson left the club with Dani around 1:30 a.m., according to eyewitnesses.

When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Mel’s rep said he was unaware of any new romance.

 But another source confided: “Mel’s lonely and Dani’s a gor­geous girl!”