Jessica Simpson’s mother has found love again – with a married man!

Tina began dating salt-and-pepper-haired landscaper Jon Goldstein after splitting from her reportedly “now-out-as-gay” husband, Joe Simpson, sources say.

And according to court documents obtained by The National ENQUIRER, Goldstein desperately tried to end his marriage of 20-plus years before Jessica’s wedding, but a judge refused to play along!

“The last thing Tina wanted was to have guests at Jess’ wedding whispering that she showed up with a guy who was married!” said a Simpson family insider.

“It was bad enough that Tina’s ex-hubby brought his 21-year-old male ‘client’ as his guest, so Tina pushed Jon to take care of matters before Jess’ big day on July 5.”

In a June 20 court filing, Goldstein, 51, claimed his estranged wife had agreed to bifurcate their divorce, meaning the marriage would be legally dissolved and they would settle financial and custody issues later.

But a judge wasn’t slated to hear his request until July 7, he said, and asked that the plea be heard earlier.

“I have a personal event taking place the first of July,” Goldstein declared in legal papers. “It is a high-profile event and I need to attend as an unmarried man.”

The family insider said: “The event that Jon was referring to, obviously, was Jessica’s wedding.

“But the judge denied Jon’s request. Neither Tina nor Jess was happy about that. Jon was still legally married at the time of Jess’ wedding. They were hoping that little detail would remain hidden.”

Fat chance, with The ENQUIRER on the case!

Goldstein’s divorce from wife Lisa was granted on July 9 – four days after Jessica’s wedding to baby daddy Eric Johnson at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Tina, 54, met Goldstein in 2007 when he designed a backyard for her daughter Ashlee and then-hubby Pete Wentz’s Beverly Hills home, said the insider. Their romance blossomed after Tina filed for divorce in September 2012 – after The ENQUIRER’s sources claimed the former Baptist minister had come out of the closet as gay.

“Jon was separated from his wife at the time, so he and Tina cried on each other’s shoulders,” said the source. “They’re crazy about each other. But they’ve both just gotten out of marriages, so they’re not rushing to the altar.”