SUPER-LUCKY MARK HILL won nearly $300 million in a November record-setting Powerball drawing, but his first wife Tammy accused him of being a low-down deadbeat dad.

Back in 1992, Mark was pulling in more than $37,000 a year from his job with Sony, but an irate Tammy told a Missouri court he wasn’t paying support for their two sons, Cody and Jason.

Legal documents, obtained exclu­sively by The ENQUIRER, reveal that Judge Gerald D. McBeth also blasted Hill for spying on his ex-wife.

On Feb. 18, 1992, the jurist stated that Hill “has frequently traveled to the respon­dent’s home for the purpose of watching it and conducted a vendetta against re­spondent (Tammy).”

As a result, the court termi­nated a joint custody agreement and awarded sole custody to Tammy (real name Tammaran) even though she was out of work, pregnant and collecting unem­ployment!

The couple officially dis­solved their marriage on Jan. 4, 1990. A little more than a year later, in February 1991, Mark asked that the court award him primary physical custody of the two boys and terminate child support payments to Tammy. Instead, the court ordered Mark to pay Tammy nearly $5,000 in at­torney costs, $600 per month in child support, and $1,200 in back child support.

But whatever money woes Mark had in the past are gone for good now!

In the recent Nov. 28 Pow­erball drawing, Mark and his current wife Cindy, who hail from Dearborn, Mo., raked in an astronomical $293,750,000 – one half of the record-setting $587.5 million prize. Another winning ticket was sold in Arizona.

The two were high school sweethearts, who split up and married other people but then got back together after divorcing their prior spouses.