Exclusive! Nicole Brown Simpson Dad Dead

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The ENQUIRER reports exclusively that LOU BROWN, the father of NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON, has passed at 90.

Denise Brown told The ENQUIRER that her father, Lou Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson’s father passed away at 3:40 am on July 3rd. He was 90 years old.

“He has been battling from Alzheimer’s for the past several years.He was surrounded by his wife, Judith and daughters  when he died.”

Lou was the ex-father in law of OJ Simpson and his memories of that tragic night 20 years ago had faded from his mind.

“A few days ago I received a call from my mother and she said that I should fly home,” Denise said.

“I was in Italy for a wedding and a few days ago I received a call from my mother and she said that  daddy ‘s health was declining and I should fly home- they didn’t know how much longer he had to live," Denise said.

“My mother then handed the phone to my father and he said to me,  “ I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I told him that I would see him soon. And then he told me something that I haven’t heard him say in years.  He told me he loved me and that brought tears to my eyes, he had a brief moment of lucidity after all of these years,” continued Denise.

“By the time I got home just 12 hours before he died, his eyes were closed and he was in the process of dying.

“Unfortunately to most people will be forever known has O.J. Simpson’s ex father in law but he was so much more," Denise said. “He was a pilot in WW2 and great father, husband, and grand-father.

“Obviously I am heartbroken that he is gone, but happy at the same time.  He is in a better place and he is no longer suffering and now he can finally rest.

“Our family is going to be releasing a statement later today, funeral and burial arrangements are pending.”

Rest in Peace, Lou.