Shocking claim! A Florida woman says she carried on a seven-year affair with JUDGE BELVIN PERRY, who presided over the CASEY ANTHONY trial!
And she says the married father of two is just as big a liar as Casey!
Although the 61-year-old jurist was applauded for his handling of the controversial trial, a source close to his mistress Janis Williamson paints the judge as a cheating cad who relentlessly pursued her and then fired her to pro­tect his career.
Even worse, Judge Perry repeat­edly lied to federal investigators after Williamson blew the whistle on their scandalous affair and slapped him with a lawsuit, said the source.
“Judge Belvin Perry is as big a liar as Casey Anthony!” the source told The ENQUIRER.
“Janis told me, ‘The man is a flat-out liar who tried to destroy my life. It sickens me to hear people praising him. They don’t know him like I do. He’s a hypocrite.’”
Williamson, 62, was a deputy court administrator for Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit in 1989 when Perry began pursuing her, said the source. At the time, he was a circuit judge in Florida’s Osceola County.
“Janis said Judge Perry kept coming into her office and flirting with her.
“According to Janis, Judge Perry said, ‘Why don’t you just give me a kiss?’
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