ROSIE O’ DONNELL announced today via her blog she’s postponed her wedding to fiancée MICHELLE ROUNDS because Michelle is suffering from a rare, cancer-like medical disease.

In an ENQUIRER website exclusive, we can reveal that Rosie ONLY made the stunning announcement after we received exclusive information from a reliable source. The ENQUIRER then asked Rosie out of courtesy to comment but she chose to release the news herself via her website.

In her free-verse blog style, Rosie writes that Michelle underwent surgery in June for desmoids tumors and is “getting stronger every day.”

Rosie says Michelle complained of pain in her chest on Mother’s Day and it led to the diagnosis of the rare disease. Doctors say it can be life-threatening if the tumors grow next to vital organs like the spine or trachea.

Rosie writes that their wedding will be postponed to next summer, and asks her fans, in lieu of gifts, to send donations to the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation.

Rosie said their world was shattered when Michelle was stricken, writing that they were having a “honeymoon before the wedding,” calling it “pure bliss,” and saying they had been traveling to Malibu, Calif., and to other places along with California coast. “Heaven on earth” she called it.

Rosie said “life changes in an instant” and her girlfriend’s medical drama left her “confused and scared.”

Rosie was previously married to former Nickelodean exec Kelli Carpenter. They have four children together.

In December last year, we reported Rosie’s engagement to beautiful blonde corporate headhunter Michelle, whom she had met at a Starbucks and fell madly in love. 

The ENQUIRER had previously reported exclusively that Michelle’s parents were devastated that their daughter had hooked up with Rosie and had no idea Michelle was gay.