Published on: December 10, 2008

ENQUIRER exclusive REPORT: Martha Stewart's darkest secrets revealed in explosive tell-all written by her own family!

Multiple sources, including a publishing source and family insider, tell The ENQUIRER the book will expose intimate details of Martha's boozing, eating and crying binges, name the stars she hates and reveal what really happened to her in prison, along with facts about her "special" lady friend!

"The book will be a warts and all account of Martha's personal life - and no one knows Martha better than her family," the publishing source divulged.

The blockbuster book is expected to reveal how the domestic diva, 67, crashed big time when she went to federal prison on conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges in 2004.

"In public she's always meticulously groomed but family members reveal booze and eating binges left her bloated and disheveled," said the source.

PLUS: Martha's pathetic crying jags and the celebs Martha hates. Topping her "enemies list" are Rachael Ray and Donald Trump, say sources.

And Martha's fans can expect to find out what really happened behind bars!

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