Forget “Behind the Candelabra” — LIBERACE lover SCOTT THORSON is back behind bars, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

Thorson, whose real name is Jess Marlow, was arrested in Reno, Nevada on November 19th on a parole violation.

Thorson was given a suspended prison sentence last June on a burglary conviction.

This is the second time Thorson has been arrested on a parole violation since last summer.

Dennis Hof, who originally bailed Thorson out of jail and is owner of the famous Bunny Ranch,  told The Enquirer exclusively,“Scott is the dysfunctional son that I never wanted but I am willing to still help him out.   He has an addiction problem and needs constant supervision to beat his problem. 

“I partially blame the courts for his ongoing problem —  they refused to allow him to stay with me at the Bunny Ranch which is a clean, drug-free sober environment.

'When he was living at the Bunny Ranch under 24/7 supervision he didn’t have any problems. 

“But as soon as they put him back out Reno he was surrounded by temptations that will always get the best of him. 

“I just hope the judge gives him one more chance and doesn’t send him away to prison for several years.”