KEEPING Up with the Kardashians” ma­triarch Kris Jenner is terrified she’s going to get cancer!

The still-stunning 56-year-old fears her family’s cancer history has doomed her to an early grave – and she believes it won’t be long before she too is diag­nosed with the deadly disease.

As fans of the reality show saw on a recent episode, Kris is so consumed by thoughts of her own demise that she went out and shopped for a family burial plot and planned her own funer­al. She even hopped into a casket for a “test drive!”

And Kris’ concerns are not unfounded, medical experts tell The ENQUIRER. Because her mother, 78-year-old Mary Jo Shannon, has battled both breast and colon cancer, Kris is at increased odds of coming down with the dreaded disease at some point.

The ENQUIRER has also learned that urinary incontinence issues – which Kris has openly discussed hav­ing on the show – can be linked to cancer.

“Kris just can’t shake off the thought that she’s go­ing to be diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. It’s driving her crazy,” divulged an insider. “It’s affecting her sleep, her marriage and even her rela­tionship with her children.”

According to the insider, Kris’ overwhelming fears also explain why she hadn’t visited mom Mary Jo in two years be­fore finally going to see her on a recent episode of the show – even though the two women live just two hours away from each other.

“Kris just couldn’t deal with her mother’s condition,” the insider con­tinued. “Kris is terrified of losing her – and at the same time she can’t see her without thinking she’s going to be next in line.”

The ENQUIRER contacted Mary Jo, who lives in La Jolla, Calif. She revealed that she first beat cancer in 1989, but it returned four years later. She also said that the Kardashian girls have been advised of their heightened risk of de­veloping the disease, so they can get screened regularly.


 Retired Los Angeles-based oncologist Dr. Herman Kattlove, who has not treated any­one in the Kardashian family, explained that the younger a person is when diagnosed with cancer, “the more likely it is genetic.”

Mary Jo was in her 50s when she was first diagnosed, which is considered young from a medical standpoint.

Dr. Kattlove also explained that the odds of someone having both breast and colon cancer, like Mary Jo, are so low that experts automati­cally consider a genetic cause.

“When we see this in patients, we call it ‘cancer families,’” he said, but noted that there are no studies to confirm the link.

WHILE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE to suggest that Kris has cancer, Dr. LaMar McGinnis, a spokes­person from the American Cancer Society, says urinary incontinence can be a symptom of advanced bladder cancer.

And if that wasn’t enough cause for concern, Kris has found herself surrounded by cancer. She lost her father-in-law to prostate cancer; her ex-hus­band, O.J. Simpson confidant Robert Kardashian, died from esophageal cancer in 2003; and hubby Bruce Jenner reportedly had a cancerous growth removed from his face in January.

“Although she has no ge­netic link to any of them, all of it combined has Kris con­vinced that her own cancer time-clock is ticking,” said the insider.

Determined to make sure her funeral arrangements were in order just in case cancer strikes, Kris visited the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery, as well as a casket factory, with kids Kim, Rob and Khloe on a recent episode of their reality show.

After watching Kris try out a coffin, 25-year-old Rob admitted: “My mom’s intentions are always great, but this is a sad process that’s messing with our emotions.” Sister Khloe, 28, added that it was bringing back painful memories of her father Robert’s death.

“I was trying to play along and make it playful,” Khloe said, “but I don’t think she re­alizes that we’ve already lost a parent and we don’t want to lose another one.”

There has been at least one positive result from Kris’ cancer obsession – she’s vowed to spend more time with Mary Jo.

“Kris realizes better than anybody that life is short and you have to make the very best of it,” said the in­sider. “She feels guilty that she hasn’t seen her mom as much as she should, and she plans to change that