Published on: August 21, 2012
Photography by: Getty Images News

KATIE COURIC’s new boyfriend is a cheater!” That’s the claim of gorgeous bru­nette JESSICA HSU, who confessed to pals that her older lover two-timed her with the former “CBS Evening News” anchor.

In a bombshell world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has gone behind the scenes of 55-year-old Katie’s new romance and discovered that she’s being betrayed by dashing Big Apple banker John Molner, 49, who sources say carried on a serious two-year relationship with Jessica.

Yes, John cheated on me,” a tearful Jessica, 27, admitted to The ENQUIRER. “That’s all I have to say.”

But a close source added: “Jessica and John loved each other. He was even talking about buying an apartment for them in New York.

“They were dating when Jes­sica discovered John was seeing Katie behind her back. Jessica was completely blindsided by John’s in­fidelity, and when she caught him cheating, he dumped her like a hot potato!”

Jessica met Molner, who’s di­vorced and has a teenage daughter, when they were both working at Brown Brothers Harriman, the fi­nancial firm where he’s now head of mergers and acquisitions.

The lovebirds attended a Hallow­een party together as a couple, with Molner in medical scrubs and Jes­sica in a Candy Striper costume. But their romance turned into a night­mare one Friday night in late April, said the source.

“Jessica was in John’s apartment waiting for him to come home from a ‘business meeting’ at one of their favorite restaurants,” the source re­vealed.

“But then Jessica got a call from a mutual friend who also happened to be dining there. The friend said, ‘I hope you’re sitting down because you’re not going to believe this. John is here having dinner with Katie Couric – and it’s definitely a date.’ ”

When Molner got home, Jessica confronted him, said the source.

“John insisted the meeting with Katie was business,” said the source. “But over the weekend, Jessica caught him e-mailing and texting Katie. When she confronted John again, he promised that he’d never see, contact or call Katie.”

Despite his vow, Molner pulled the plug on his romance with Jessica the following week.

“John told Jessica that she was too young for him and things weren’t going to work out,” said the source. “He coldly added, ‘It is what it is.’ As if that wasn’t bad enough, he left her belongings with the doorman of his building.

“After two years to­gether the coward ended it just like that – and it was all because of Katie Couric.”

But looking back, the source says that Jessica should have seen trouble with Ka­tie coming.

“Early in their rela­tionship, John and Jessica once saw Katie on TV,” continued the source. “At the time, John told Jessica that friends had tried to set him up with Katie.

“Jessica didn’t think much of it, but about a year later she caught John on Katie’s Facebook page. When she asked him about it, John said a friend recommended that he read Katie’s new book. Now Jessica hopes it gets back to Katie that the guy she’s dating is a cheater – and he’ll do the same thing to her.

“But Katie can’t let go – she wants to find love and believes John is a great guy.”

Katie and Molner have attend­ed several events together in the Hamptons and are reportedly “very happy together.” But sources say the former “Today” host – who’s due to launch her new syndicated talk show in September – is likely to face an uphill battle winning over Mol­ner’s ex-wife Jane.

“Jane has been living a very low-key life with their daughter Allie since the divorce in 2007,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “But that’s out the window now that John is dating Katie. Jane doesn’t want their lives turned upside down, and she fears that Allie will be dragged into the spotlight of Katie’s star power.”

Molner has reportedly met Katie’s girls – 21-year-old college student Ellie, and Carrie, 16. But Jane feels it’s too soon for their daughter to

 be introduced to them, said the source.

“Truth be told, Jane hopes it never gets to that point,” noted the insider.

Meanwhile, Molner, Katie and one of her daughters ate at an upscale pizzeria near Katie’s Park Avenue home on Aug. 7.

“I saw Katie feed some of her pizza to her man,” Paola Ped­rignani, owner of the Gina La Fornarina eatery on Madison Avenue, told The ENQUIRER.

“They stayed for an hour and a half and were in good spirits when they left. I would say they had a very nice time.”

Sadly, Katie has been unlucky in love since her husband Jay Monahan tragically died of colon cancer in 1998.

Her most recent beau Brooks Perlin, a former triathlete 17 years her junior, was living in Katie’s New York City apartment before she dumped him in December.

Four months after Katie end­ed the five-year romance, The ENQUIRER revealed Perlin re­peatedly cheated on her with a younger redheaded beauty that he’d apparently met at the gym.

Couric’s publicist Matthew Hiltzik confirmed at the time: “She recently learned of this. But Katie doesn’t know what the real story is. It had nothing to do with why she and Brooks went their separate ways.”

Katie has also dated TV tycoon Tom Werner and musician Chris Botti.

“Katie was in love with Tom, but he dumped her by e-mail,” a friend of hers told The ENQUIRER. “She couldn’t find love with Chris, and now we fear that John isn’t right for her either. It appears he’s got a lot of baggage.”