Katherine Heigl, The Killers
Katherine Heigl, The Killers

KATHERINE HEIGL's meddling mom is wrecking her marriage!

The 32-year-old The Killers star's musician hubby Josh Kelley, 31 has complained her mom Nancy spends so much time at their L.A. home that it's ruining their love life, sources say.

"Josh is a patient guy, but he's fed up playing second fiddle to his mother-in-law," an insider divulged.

"Nancy lives around the corner from Katherine and Josh in her own place, but she spends so much time at their home that she may as well move in.

"She often stays overnight and knocks on their door pretty much every day she's in town."

Nancy even vacations with the couple, and Josh – whose new country album "Georgia Clay" is getting rave reviews – claims it's hurting their romantic life, the source said.

"Josh told Katherine that they need more quality time together – without her mother," the insider divulged.

"He demanded Katherine spend more time with him and less with Nancy – period. He loves his mother-in-law, but this is a real problem for him and it's becoming a major issue in their marriage."

To complicate matters, Nancy Heigl is also her daughter's manager and producing partner on her last two movie hits, Life As We Know It and The Ugly Truth.

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