KHLOE KARDASHIAN’s hubby LAMAR ODOM is caught up in an ugly charity scam scandal, and sources say family matri­arch KRIS JENNER fears it will spark an FBI investigation that could eventu­ally spread to the Kardashian empire.

“Kris told Lamar he’d better handle this mess and or he will regret the day he met Khloe,” said a source.

On March 28, ESPN reported that the basketball player’s cancer char­ity for children, Cathy’s Kids – which was named for Lamar’s mother, who died of cancer – had not given a sin­gle dime to cancer-related causes. Yet it’s raised an estimated $2.2 million since its inception in 2004. Instead, more than $1.3 million has been fun­neled into two elite youth traveling basketball teams.

When confronted by a reporter about the issue, Lamar barked: “It’s my money,” be­fore walking out of the interview.

While a previous IRS audit found no evidence of wrongdoing, the recent revelations have aroused their interest, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. And Kris is furious that Khloe has been dragged into the drama. She’s also deeply concerned that the rest of her fam­ily – as well as her $180 million empire – may eventually end up in the middle of a potential federal investigation.

KHLOE, 28, ha publicly stood by her husband’s side since the scandal broke. She’s said that Lamar contrib­uted 90 percent of the money raised by the foundation, and that the focus shifted from youth and cancer to helping underprivileged inner-city kids. She insists that none of the money went to La­mar or any member of his family.

Still, an insider says Khloe’s defense of Lamar only makes her 57-year-old mom even more con­cerned.

“Kris thinks that Khloe should be distancing herself from him,” said the source. “Kris knows that if the feds get involved, the family is an easy target.”

Kris is reportedly so upset that she blasted Lamar, 33, behind closed doors. “She told him this fiasco could start to unravel, and once that happens, the authorities will start to look into Khloe’s affairs,” continued the source. “Then, one by one, all of the Kardashians will be on the hot seat – and it will be his fault.”

Gary Snyder, a nationally recog­nized nonprofit expert who runs the industry publication “Nonprofit Imperative,” told The ENQUIRER he believes it’s important that the government – including the IRS and FBI – cracks down on the misuse of public funds.

“This organization does not be­long to Lamar Odom,” he explained. “With tax-exempt status, it’s owned by the public.”

And David Bailey, publisher of “Virginia Capitol Connections” and a longtime consultant to nonprof­its, added: “The IRS should lead the charge, and if necessary, the FBI should join the effort. (Lamar Odom) saying it’s his money sounds like a confession.”

Still another expert says Kris has good reason to be worried about the potential fallout. Craig Silverman, a former prosecutor in the Denver, Colo., District Attorney’s Office, ex­plained: “If you run and promote a charity and you don’t deliver what you promise, that violates criminal and civil law. Aggressive prosecu­tors send people who do this to jail.”