JESSICA SIMPSON discovers her fame is more than fleeting – it's disappearing when she discovers no one gets a break at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

When the blonde bombshell asked for special treatment while waiting to renew her license in Hollywood recently, she got a verbal smackdown that left her brooding for two hours, a source revealed.

"Jessica didn't want to sit with the average Joes who were ahead of her. So she went to the front desk and asked in a low voice if she could have access to a private room while waiting for her number to be called," an eyewitness divulged.

But the pop singer-turned-billionaire fashion maven obviously approached the wrong employee, said the source.

"The no-nonsense female staffer answered Jessica in a loud, forceful voice, saying, 'Miss Simpson, we didn't do that for the governor and we certainly aren't doing it for you!'" the eyewitness revealed.

The 30-year-old former reality star, who hopes to wed fiance Eric Johnson, 31, this summer, was humiliated. She went back to her seat on the verge of tears and played the diva role to the hilt until her name was called two hours later, the source added.

"Jessica pouted and scowled as she sat with her arms folded and stared straight ahead, kicking her foot," said the eyewitness. "But hopefully she learned two big lessons – everyone gets treated the same way at the DMV and next time, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!"