Exclusive Interview: Robert Conrad Still Hard As Nails!

Exclusive Interview: Robert Conrad Still Hard As Nails! thumbnail

Hollywood tough guy ROBERT CONRAD is 79, but he says he’s beating the odds and is still fighting fit.

In an exclusive interview, the rugged actor – who’s been spotted looking woozy and wearing pa­jama bottoms in public – said he’s not fading into the sunset anytime soon.

“I’m doing great!” declared Conrad, handsome star of the long-ago hit TV series “Hawaiian Eye,” “The Wild Wild West” and “Black Sheep Squadron.”

“I’m feeling fabu­lous! I had a birthday party with my children last night, and we had a lot of fun.”

Conrad’s only complaint is lingering pain in his right arm and side due to a head-on car crash in 2003 because, stupidly, he’d been boozing. He pleaded no contest to drunk driv­ing in the accident, and was sentenced to five years’ probation and house arrest.

“I only have marginal use of my right arm, but it’s getting better,” Con­rad said, annoyed he “can’t do two of the things that I love – surf and box. If I can get rehabilitated to do those things, I’ll be happy.”

Asked whether he’s suffered any other major medical problems associat­ed with aging, he said: “Oh, that’s nonsense! I haven’t had any strokes. And Alzheimer’s? Oh, please! I’ve got an agent, and I’m still directing and produc­ing. I’m 79, but my phone never stops ringing!”

Conrad played a private investigator in “Hawaiian Eye” from 1959 to 1963, secret agent James West in “Wild Wild West” from 1965 to 1970, and WWII flying ace Pappy Boyington in “Black Sheep Squadron” from 1976 to 1978.

Today he lives in Malibu, and hosts a weekly radio call-in show on CRN Digital Talk Radio.

The show “has the largest listening audience for Thursday – 250 radio stations with 11 million listeners!” he boasted. “In six years, I’ve missed the show just four times.”

As for the pajama bottoms that he’s been seen wearing, the legendary star has a good explanation. They’re incredibly comfortable.

“I LOVE those pajamas!” Conrad said. “My daughter Chelsea bought me five pairs and I’ve been wearing them all the time.”

Conrad’s agent says his Hollywood career is booming. “Bob’s going to di­rect a film this year called ‘Past Due,’ ” Cheryl Murphy of Spectrum Enter­tainment said.

“He’s also very active with per­sonal appearances and autograph signings. He’s doing the Memphis Film Festival in May and Comicon in Texas.”

The actor’s publicist, Carlos Marti­nez of Scribe Services Public Relations, added that Conrad, of course, “looks older than fans remember him from his TV days. But he remains healthy and energetic.”

Conrad added: “I’m not on my last legs, and I’m a very happy guy. Tell everyone that I feel great!”