Exclusive Interview: RFK Mistress Tells All!

Exclusive Interview: RFK Mistress Tells All! thumbnail

The sexy socialite at the center of the ROBERT KENNEDY JR. cheating scandal calls fiancée a “lapdog” and WORSE!

The woman at the center of the explosive Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cheating scandal told The National ENQUIRER that if his actress fiancée Cheryl Hines marries him, it will be “a recipe for disaster!”

Kennedy’s mistress, Chelsea Chapman Kirwan, labeled “Curb Your Enthusiasm” beauty Cheryl a “lapdog” and predicted the couple’s plan for a bi-coastal union is doomed to fail.

“She appears to be a lapdog,” Chelsea – a 42-year-old brunette knockout – told The ENQUIRER in an Exclusive Interview. “She’s so taken with the idea of being a Kennedy that she has blinders on as to what’s been going on behind her back!”

Sources say Kennedy, 60, and his Hollywood honey, 48, are set to wed during the annual Kennedy clan reunion in Hyannis Port, Mass., this summer. But Chelsea told The ENQUIRER: “From what I’ve heard, Bobby has no intention of moving to Los Angeles, where Cheryl is based, and she has no plans to move to New York to live full time with him. “I fear them being bicoastal like that, with her not being around to keep Bobby on a short leash, is a recipe for disaster!”

The ENQUIRER recently published the bombshell that Kennedy – a notorious womanizer whose last wife committed suicide by hanging – had been cheating on Cheryl with Chelsea. We reported that Kennedy first preyed on Chelsea at their gym in Armonk, N.Y., while she was going through a painful divorce.

One source blasted Kennedy as “a nogood horn dog!” While we revealed more details about the couple’s affair in a subsequent report, we did not identify Chelsea.

Since then, other media outlets have released her name. Chelsea, a wealthy Connecticut socialite and mother of four, is set to appear in divorce court on July 22, and refused to comment on claims that she carried on an intimate two-year relationship with Kennedy, an attorney and environmental activist.

But a close source reveals Kennedy took Chelsea on trips to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port and to Washington, D.C.

But it seems Cheryl will blindly stand by her man. “Cheryl knows he has other women, but she’ll let him do whatever he wants,” said an insider.