Meth lab scandal rocks troubled RANDY TRAVIS as The ENQUIRER reports on so-called “heinous crime family” in an EXCLUSIVE bombshell interview! 

Randy has been trying to lie low since being busted for his drunken es­capades, but now his little brother has dragged the troubled country singer’s name back into the news for allegedly running a meth lab!

David Brownlow “Butter” Traywick, 49, and his wife Jessica, 44, were arrested on Sept. 13 in Randy’s home­town of Marshville, N.C., for possession and manufacture of methamphetamine.

“David had a meth lab go­ing in a mobile home on MY property,” Randy’s outraged father, Harold Traywick, told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

 “I gave David that mobile home and land. Now that trailer’s condemned because of the chemicals. That whole place could have blown up!

“The cops got him I’m glad of it. He’s nothing but a damn thief. I hope he ends up in prison.”

Randy, who changed his last name early in his music career, has been trying to keep a low profile after be­ing busted three times this year – including a shocking DWI incident in which he threatened the lives of police officers after wrecking his car and lying naked on the road.

Now, just as he started re­gaining some peace of mind, the 53-year-old Grammy winner has been hit hard by his brother’s bust.

To make matters worse, David was out on bond at the time following an Aug. 27 arrest for allegedly mak­ing threats and trespassing.

“Randy’s flipping out,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

 “He’s been behaving himself, but now, thanks to David, all you see in the headlines is ‘Randy Travis’ Brother Ar­rested!’

“Randy said, ‘It makes it look like we’re some sort of heinous crime family!’”