KIRSTIE ALLEY is a hero!  The sitcom queen rescued morbidly obese Clint Brown from a life of medical mis­ery, helping him lose more than 300 pounds.

Incredibly, the 6-foot-4 Lexington, Ky., recluse – who crushed the scales at 622 pounds just three years ago – says he could not have accomplished the weight-loss miracle without the devotion of the “Fat Actress” star.

“Kirstie saved my life!” the grate­ful 37-year-old told The ENQUIRER in an emotional confession. “If it weren’t for her, I’d still be in bed and on oxygen.

“She came into my life when I was at my most desperate. Because of my weight, I’d been on disability at age 25, oxygen at 28 and in a power chair at 30.

“Kirstie gave me the inspiration and all the diet and weight-loss tools to start a new life.”

Before Kirstie, Clint had been a complete mess.

In high school, kids knocked him over just to watch him struggle to his feet. They called him “Clin-TON,” and the ridicule finally drove him into his house – where he stayed for years, watching TV and stuffing himself with food.

“I had problems with my knees, diabetes and breath­ing. My mother, who was only about 5-foot-2, helped me get into the shower and brought me my meals in bed.”

Frightened about his extreme pro­portions, Clint’s mother convinced him to see dietitian Deborah Klein – the health director for Kirstie’s weight-loss system Organic Liaison – and to his amazement, the star also took him under her wing.

“Kirstie became my savior!” he says. “She knew I was on a fixed income, so she offered to pay for Deborah’s dietitian services and sent me hun­dreds of dollars of diet and weight-loss tools – exercise equipment, her Organic Liaison weight-loss system, supplements and plenty of e-mail tips and inspiration.

“She was with me every step of the way as I started on a walker, then graduated to walking around the neighborhood and on to a stationary bicycle.

“I lost 35 pounds in just a few weeks. By the end of 2010, I had dropped almost 100 pounds, and in 2011, I dropped another 100 – and kept losing.

“I had a tummy tuck that removed 15 1/2 pounds of excess skin, and when I woke up, Kirstie had a bou­quet of flowers and a congratulatory note waiting for me.

“NOW I AM EATING THREE MEALS every day, about 2,000 calories to­tal. Kirstie shares her low-cal recipes with me, and I drink her ‘Rescue Me’ weight-loss elixir daily. It keeps my cravings under control while giving me more energy. I also work out a couple of hours a day.

“I weigh less than 320 pounds and I’m headed for 250! I’m no longer on oxygen and I’ve moved out of my parents’ home and into my own apartment.”

Clint, who’s been advising young­sters on childhood obesity, has been given the key to his grateful city for his dedicated work.

In his latest triumph, he’s been invited to tell his success story on Kirstie’s weight-loss infomercial.

“If it hadn’t been for Kirstie,” he says, “I could have died a sad, mor­bidly obese man.”