All the intimate details and wedding pix in ENQUIRER interview with newlywed JIM NABORS!

“I’VE married my best friend – that is the only advice I can give – marry the person you want to spend every day with and you can’t go wrong!”

An ecstatic Jim Nabors was sharing his joy over tying the knot at age 82 with his beloved 64-year-old companion Stan Cadwallader – and he’s proudly sharing his wedding photos exclusively with ENQUIRER readers.

TV’s Gomer Pyle, whose hit sitcom ran five seasons in the 1960s, had been with Stan 38 years before getting to say “I do” on Jan. 15 in Seattle, Wash., where same-sex marriage became legal late last year.

BOTH Jim and Stan were dressed casually for the double-ring ceremony at the Fairmont hotel.

“We were married by a longtime family friend, Judge Sam Meyer, and our two witnesses were good friends from Honolulu,” Nabors told The ENQUIRER.

“We would have loved to have gotten married in our home state of Hawaii, but same-sex marriage is not yet legal there.

"I’m surprised by the interest the public has in our wedding, and the positive response we’ve received is appreciated.”

Showing he’s still got a great sense of humor, Nabors added: “One good thing about having the news of our wedding being made so public is a lot of people out there didn’t know I was still alive!”