LOCK the doors! There are monsters all over my car! They’re demons!”  Country music legend GEORGE JONES, fueled by a horrifying $5,000-a-week cocaine habit, was running around his house in a mad panic, shouting warnings in fear for his life.

It was a side of the 81-year-old superstar few ever see – but was well-known to Linda Dodson, who was the talented tyrant’s secret wife for seven years until their 1981 split and is still married to him under Alabama common law.

Last week in a bombshell ENQUIRER exclusive, Linda, who lives in Sheffield, Ala., leveled a dev­astating charge – that the “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and “Yesterday’s Wine” singer is a bigamist because they never dissolved their common-law marriage with a divorce.

In Part 2 of our world-exclu­sive interview, Linda rips the lid off George’s insane lifestyle that nearly killed him.

LINDA says one of George'sS managers intentionally intro­duced him to cocaine early in his career. “He can stand up on cocaine, but he can’t stand up and perform on liquor,” the manager explained. “I need him to perform.”

Snorting coke, smoking pot and popping Quaaludes made George delusional, says Linda.

“He had imaginary friends – Daffy Duck, Donald Duck and the Old Man – and I could hear him talking to them in different voices. He would see imaginary people outside the windows, laughing at him.”

George’s close friend and song­writer Earl “Peanutt” Montgomery told The ENQUIRER: “It got so bad we were at lunch one day, and he was spilling food on the table and lapping it up like a dog.

“After that, I had him committed to a mental hospital, where he was held for a month.”

The 5-foot-7 entertainer shriveled from 190 pounds to 140, said Linda. “He was down to skin and bones and was snorting up to $5,000 a week.

“Once in Florida, he got some bad cocaine and nearly died. His throat was closing up and he couldn’t breathe. I was pounding on his back, trying to get him to breathe, and it terrified me.”

George also had a fierce, unpre­dictable temper, says Linda. And one day he showed her a “hit list” with several names on it – including his ex-wife and recording partner Tammy Wynette.

“George said, ‘You put your name on this list. I’m going to invite them all to a meeting in Nashville and walk in and blow them all away, kill you and then kill myself!’

“George always had guns around. Once he got mad because someone said he looked like Merle Haggard. He shot up a mirror and a lamp and blew a hole through a $1,000 suit. He shot up every house we lived in!”

Linda met George in 1974 just be­fore his marriage to country legend Tammy Wynette ended. George was the third of Tammy’s five husbands.

The “Stand by Your Man” singer was the true love of George’s life said Linda, and their union created a country music super-couple, whose talent matched that of Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Tammy and George had a string of hits together and they kept record­ing as a duet for several years after their divorce. But Linda said she knows the secret reason that Tammy’s seven-year marriage to George ended – misguided jealousy.

“Someone gave her the idea that George was cheating on her with my sister – it was totally false, but Tammy believed it. That’s what really caused their divorce. I don’t think George ever got over his love for Tammy.”