Exclusive Interview ‘Devious’ Diva Susan Lucci

Exclusive Interview ‘Devious’ Diva Susan Lucci thumbnail

Soapy fan fave SUSAN LUCCI dishes the dirt like no one else can! 

The scandalous comedy-drama series “Devious Maids” on Lifetime chronicles the lives of a group of sexy Latina maids working in Beverly Hills’ wealthiest and most powerful homes.

Actress Susan Lucci plays Genevieve Delatour, a rich and glamorous woman who’s been married and divorced more than a handful of times and is (shockingly) on the hunt for hubby No. 7.

Susan, 67, says there are some similarities between Genevieve and her long-running character Erica Kane on the soap opera, “All My Children.”

“They both love men and they both have been much married and much divorced. They both love beautiful clothes and both love their children,” she explains.

“(But) unlike Erica, Genevieve is a complete romantic, making her much more vulnerable – and she has no street smarts whatsoever.” Creator Marc Cherry – who also crafted “Desperate Housewives” – surprises even his cast with the unexpected twists and comedic turns he injects into the script. His writing is “ingenious and super clever,” Susan says.

“Working with Marc is a dream come true. “When I met Marc for the first time after ‘All My Children’ went off the air, it was love at first sight! Plus, I just love working with this fabulous cast (which includes Roselyn Sánchez, Judy Reyes and Tom Irwin). I love every single actor and actress on ‘Devious Maids.’”

In the upcoming final episodes of the fantasic second season, “Expect some hilarious scenes and some big surprises,” Susan dishes.

The star especially wants The ENQUIRER’s loyal readers to know “how thrilled I am at their response to the show. I just love that so many people stop me and tell me how addicted they are to ‘Devious Maids’ and how it is ‘their’ show.”