PATRICK SWAYZE’s younger brother DON is looking for love – on Bravo’s “Mil­lionaire Matchmaker.”

The only problem? His bank account!

The 55-year-old struggling actor and stunt man is far from being a millionaire. But he says he jumped at the chance to be on the reality dating show when producers ap­proached his agent.

Don, who was married for eight years and has a 25-year-old daugh­ter, spoke exclusively to The ENQUIRER about his quest to find true love with the help of matchmaking guru Patti Stanger.

“The truth is, I am actu­ally very shy,” Don admitted. “I’m also not a millionaire. Not even close.

“I rent a small cottage near down­town Los Angeles and live a very low-key lifestyle.”

In fact, Don’s two-bed, one-bath home is just 800 square feet and has protective bars on the windows. And he drives a 6-year-old truck.

“I made it clear to the show’s producers that all I have is (this) truck and about $250,000 in orthopedic parts inside of my body that I received after numerous surgeries because of injuries suffered from a failed base jump I made about 18 years ago,” he explained.

“The producers told me that they were doing a ‘special celebrity episode,’ so I didn’t need to be a millionaire.”

Don has been acting for three decades and has had small roles in dozens of hit shows, including “Murder, She Wrote,” “Charmed,” “True Blood” and “Criminal Minds.” He recently appeared as the minor character “Tampa Tim” on the FX series “The Bridge.”

The past few years have been tough for Don.

Brother Patrick died from pancreatic cancer on Sept. 14, 2009, and his beloved mother, Patsy, passed away on Sept. 16.

“I miss Patrick and my mother a lot, but now I am focusing 100 percent on my career and it’s finally starting to take off,” said Don, who bears a strong likeness to his late brother.

While Don has high hopes about finding real romance on the show, he admits it will be tough to find the kind of bond Patrick shared with his wife of 34 years, Lisa Niemi.

“She was there for him 24/7 until the very end,” said Don. “If I could be in a loving relationship again with just a fraction of the love those two had, I would die a happy man.

“I know my brother Patrick is looking down on me with a big smile on his face and pulling for me.”