ROGER CLINTON missed his calling – the former First Brother should be working with the ladies of the WWE!

The 56-year-old black sheep has already been accused of pay­ing two females to fight, and now ANOTHER woman has come forward with the same sick charge!

“Roger and I met in 2005 through a friend,” Christina Mc­Gee, 41, told The ENQUIRER. “For the next few months, I’d go over to his apartment and party. One time, we were watching ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ and when the female guests started fighting, Roger got turned on!

“One day he sug­gested that I fight some chick. At first I thought he was joking, but he kept nagging me to hide in the closet and jump out and attack a woman he planned on bring­ing over. He even offered me $50!

“Finally, I found out who the other woman was and told her the story. She said that Roger had asked her to do the same thing. After that, we both agreed to stay away from him.”

AS THE ENQUIRER HAS reported, ex-President Bill Clinton’s little brother – who served 15 months for dealing cocaine and landed in rehab in 2001 after a DUI bust – is being sued by a woman who claims he offered her $150 to cook rice at his Torrance, Calif., home.

But when she showed up, Rog­er just watched while another woman smacked her in the head with a frying pan.

“Roger has some strange female fight fetish,” said McGee, “and I’d warn any lady friend of his to watch out!”