Oil’s not well on set of revamped primetime soap DALLAS! It's a Ewing family feud, Part 2 – and it’s for real this time!

Young hot shot cast members Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe are mixing like Texas oil and water on the set of the new “Dallas” TV show, insiders say.

The nighttime soap’s original stars – Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray – are thrilled to be working together again on the TBS series, but not the hunky newcomers, the insiders add.

"Josh has been very deferential to the old cast members, and it just grates on Jesse. He calls Josh a suck-up," a set source told The ENQUIRER.

The two studs have a prickly history. Metcalfe, 33, shot to fame playing actress Eva Longoria’s boy toy on “Desperate Housewives” in 2004. When he got axed after two seasons, Henderson, 30, was hired to replace him.

And it doesn’t help that they were cast as rivals on “Dallas” with Henderson playing J.R. Ewing’s son and Metcalfe in the role as the son of J.R.’s brother Bobby.

"The producers knew exactly what they were doing when they cast them,” said the source. “They're supposed to clash on camera.

"The fact that they actually have a contentious relationship off-screen just brings more to the party!”

It looks like art imitating life in the premiere episode. The two have a nasty brawl that leaves them both bloodied.

Said the source: “The tension between them can really be seen on the screen.”