INSIDE the raging inferno that killed 19 Arizona Granite Mountain Hotshots. WHAT WENT WRONG?!

In a riveting yet tragic ENQUIRER investigation, we reveal that the 19 brave firefighters of Arizona’s Granite Mountain Hotshots didn’t have to die!

The elite team was wiped out while fighting the Doce Fire near Prescott, Ariz., on June 30. Shifting weather patterns caused the raging blaze to suddenly change directions and engulf the unsuspecting heroes before they were able to escape.

But The ENQUIRER has uncovered startling evidence that it wasn’t just a whim of nature that caused their deaths. In fact, more than week before the heartbreaking incident, a worker at the National Interagency Fire Center warned there was an “ongoing” and “unacceptable” problem that endangered all of the firefighters battling the 500-degree inferno.

“The problem is never taken seriously and never completely resolved for the long-term,” the worker wrote in a report dated June 18.

A fire expert told The ENQUIRER: “What happened to them is unconscionably tragic and could have been avoided. Their deaths were unnecessary.”

Find out what fatal flaws led to the untimely deaths of these selfless heroes in the latest issue of The ENQUIRER, where you’ll always find investigative reporting at its best!