Heartless thieves do the unthinkable to widowed 84 year old Powerball winner!

When great-grandmother Gloria Mackenzie hit the jackpot in the recent $590 million Powerball, she didn’t think about buying a fancy new car, a sleek yacht or even a mansion to replace her 400-a-month tin-roofed home!

The 84-year-old widow from tiny Zephyrhills, Fla., had a more pressing need, which only The ENQUIRER reveals in a story guaranteed to touch the heart of readers everywhere.

 The mom of four, who has four grandchildren and two great grandkids, has remained steadfastly independent since her beloved husband passed away in 2005 – despite living in a ramshackle house that was infested with dangerous brown widow spiders.

And heartless thieves made her life miserable, stealing her air conditioner and striking such fear into her she that rarely left her sweltering home.

But Gloria’s life changed on May 18, when she became the biggest single lottery winner in U.S. history. Opting to take the prize in a lump sum, the sweet elderly lady pocketed more than $278 million!

The ENQUIRER has the inside story about America’s newest multimillionaire, and the one glaring need she finally was able to fulfill. Read all about it in our latest issue – on newsstands now!