ROBIN ROBERTS bounced back to her “Good Morning America” job just five months after undergoing a life-saving bone marrow transplant – but experts warn that she may be making a deadly mistake!

In a world exclusive, The ENQUIRER reveals the downside to Robin’s remarkable recovery, and why pals fear she may only have two years to live.

“Robin’s doctors have laid out the harsh truth for her, but she’s so competitive she can’t help herself,” confided a source.

The 52-year-old workaholic’s health woes began in 2007 when she was stricken with breast cancer. Robin beat that scourge with chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but in 2012 the plucky co-anchor was diagnosed with the debilitating blood condition myelodyspastic syndrome.

In September, Robin received a bone marrow transplant from her devoted sister Sally-Ann, and she returned to “GMA” on Feb. 20.

“Robin nearly killed herself to get back on the air for the crucial February sweeps, even though her bosses said it wasn’t necessary,” noted the source.

But there is a frightening story behind the scenes, and The ENQUIRER is the only media outlet that has all the details on what is REALLY going on in the brave newswoman’s ongoing battle for her life. It’s must reading – and only in The ENQUIRER!