ENQUIRER SPECIAL REPORT! The PAULA DEEN scandal – her “worst nightmare” EVER!  

The Paula Deen scandal that The ENQUIRER broke last week is worse than anyone thought, our ongoing investigation reveals in a stunning follow-up to the story that sparked outraged throughout the nation.

We blew the lid off Paula’s shocking use of the N-word and other disturbing racial confessions the Southern kitchen queen made in a legal deposition, and the backlash from our revelations led to the firing of the 66-year-old from the Food Network.

But the story doesn’t end there, as The ENQUIRER has discovered even more disturbing accusations leveled at the now beleaguered celebrity cook. Adding to the alarming claims made by Lisa Jackson in her bombshell discrimination lawsuit, we have a firsthand account from another former employee detailing even more outrageous behavior by the now tarnished star.

And just imagine the turmoil going on in the Deen family! We have all the details about how her sons Bobby and Jamie REALLY feel, and what Paula plans to do with her brother Bubba, who, sources say, she blames for getting her into this whole mess.

Things are about to get a lot rockier for Paula Deen as The ENQUIRER continues its relentless investigation in its latest issue, uncovering even more dirty secrets. Pick up a copy to learn why one source proclaims: “Now, her worst nightmare has occurred!”