TV’s beloved JUDGE JUDY is said to be stunned over demands for a criminal investigation into her son’s connection to a child rape case – and if charges are brought and proven, he could land in jail for four years!

Judge Judy’s son, Putnam County, N.Y., District Attorney Adam Levy, is being accused by a state senator of improprieties in the case, which involves an illegal Romanian immigrant who Levy calls a “close friend.”

“Judge Judy has blown a gasket that her son has been caught up in this sordid mess,” declared a close source.

 Although the outspoken TV jurist insists her son is the target of a smear campaign by political enemies, N.Y. State Sen. Greg Ball is asking the governor to open an independent investigation into Levy’s activities.

“I don’t care who his mother is or where he comes from – this is about Putnam County,” declared Ball.

And Bennett Gershman, a judicial ethics expert at Pace University School of Law called Levy’s alleged behavior “a serious and dangerous conflict of interest.”

Fighting back, Levy has hired publicist Hank Sheinkopf, who in­sisted: “Mr. Levy’s conduct has been entirely ethical and he welcomes any inquiry.”

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