In a blockbuster report, The ENQUIRER pieces together the final minutes of tragic “Fast & Furious” heartthrob PAUL WALKER’s life, revealing the last-second change of plans that led to the fiery, fatal crash.

We also expose Walker’s REAL feelings toward his big-screen co-star Vin Diesel, a secret the handsome actor took to the grave.

Walker, 40, shot to fame playing an undercover cop in the wildly popular “Fast & Furious” franchise, which revolves around souped-up automobiles and illegal street races. Ironically, he died on Nov. 30 while riding with his buddy Roger Rodas – a former racecar driver — in a high-performance Porsche Carrera GT.

On the fateful day, big-hearted Walker hosted an event for his charity, Reach Out Worldwide, along with his 14-year-old daughter Meadow.

“One thing that really shined through was how much he and his daughter loved each other, because they were practically inseparable the entire day,” fan Michiko Sasaki told The ENQUIRER.

Sasaki was one of the last people to speak to the ill-fated star and gives The ENQUIRER a riveting, but chilling, eyewitness account of the explosive crash.

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