Exclusive Cover Story! Chaz Bono: From Chunky To Hunky

Exclusive Cover Story! Chaz Bono: From Chunky To Hunky thumbnail

Chaz Bono has transformed himself from chunky to hunky – so much so that he’s now considering several modeling offers. But even as the transgender icon stands poised to achieve one of his secret goals, he remains tragically unfulfilled, say sources.

In a heart-rending profile of Sonny and Cher’s only child together, The ENQUIRER reveals why Chaz is still so tormented after overcoming so much. As we’ve reported in the past, Chaz has spent most of his adult life struggling with his weight, sexual orientation and love life while often battling for acceptance by his diva mom.

But a popular turn on TV’s “Dancing with the Stars” and dramatic weight loss have given Chaz a new confidence to chase his dreams of becoming a male model and actor.

“Chaz is no longer just a curiosity,” said a close source. “He’s become ruggedly handsome. He’s a whole new person and unrecognizable to anyone who knew him as a woman.”

In a gripping story illustrated by a dramatic beefcake photo of the swimsuit-clad star, The ENQUIRER reveals the reason for Chaz’s heartache as he takes the next step in his budding showbiz career. It’s an ongoing drama that you won’t want to miss – so pick up the latest issue of The ENQUIRER today!