LAPD swarmed Courtney Love’s home, trying to take her to a hospital after receiving information she had threatened to kill herself.

Courtney was terrified as the drama unfolded during the weekend of June 7, and The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the “suicide call” to police was a cruel hoax against the 43-year-old singer.

Courtney was asleep in her home on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood when her house servant was awakened
in the middle of the night by loud banging.

She answered the front door and was shocked to see 10 police officers standing there.

“An officer held up a ‘5150 order,’ a police form which allows them to haul someone off to a psychiatric ward,” an insider revealed.

“The house servant went up to Courtney’s room and woke her. Courtney was bleary-eyed and very scared when she saw all the officers.”

According to the insider, the officers explained that they had obtained the order because of a report they had just received claiming she was trying to take her life.

A close friend suspects that someone is out to tarnish the singer’s image, but police have not revealed the source of their information.

“I spoke to her, and claims she is suicidal are way off the mark,” a pal said.

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