CLINT EASTWOOD isn’t even divorced from his wife Dina and he’s already show­ering gifts on his much younger girlfriend – but outraged Dina is striking back.

The 83-year-old “Dirty Harry” star has moved Erica Fisher, 42, into his Los Angeles home. And a source says he’s already treating her like his “Million Dollar Baby” – showering her with lavish gifts and inviting her to sample his wife’s wardrobe.

Furthermore, he’s hired her 20-year-old son Mason to be a production assistant on “Jersey Boys,” the movie based on the Broadway musical that he’s directing.

“Dina is in a fury,” said a source close to Clint’s wife of 17 years. “He’s not only moved Erica into his L.A. home but also got Mason a job on the set – even though he has no experi­ence whatsoever in movies.

“What’s more, Clint just bought a brand-new silver Mercedes-Benz that Erica’s driving around Hollywood. Dina said, ‘This is textbook mooch­ing!’ It’s like Erica has hit a Las Vegas jackpot. Clint has become her Sugar Daddy.”

A source says Dina fears that Erica is “a gold digger” who wants to cut the movie legend off from his family and snatch part of his $375 million estate. And even though Dina still doubts she can reconcile with Clint, she’s so concerned that the blonde divorcee is trying to take control of her estranged hus­band she had her legal separation temporar­ily withdrawn, a source says.

New court papers filed with the Monterey (Calif.) Superior Court – obtained by The ENQUIRER – show that a peti­tion for legal separation was filed Sept. 9, but then a request to dismiss that petition was filed later.

The ENQUIRER broke the story about how Eastwood, Dina, Erica and her ex-husband Scott Fisher engaged in a bi­zarre wife swap. Scott was Dina’s high school boy­friend and a source says they started dating again after Dina caught Clint and Erica on their way to a hotel room in March.

Before hooking up with Clint, Erica had been “couch surfing” in Portland, Ore., said the source. “Now she’s liv­ing in an exclusive Bel-Air mansion, where Jennifer Aniston is a neighbor.

“She has no job, no resources, no money. But almost every night Clint takes her out to fancy restaurants for expensive dinners. And Dina says that Erica’s even gone through her closets at Clint’s L.A. home after he told her to take whatever clothing she wants. Can you believe it – she’s even wearing Dina’s outfits!”

Dina and the rest of Eastwood’s family are worried that if Clint some­how has an accident or goes senile, Erica could screw up the estate for his children.