Exclusive! Christie Brinkley Divorce Battle Explodes!

Exclusive! Christie Brinkley Divorce Battle Explodes! thumbnail

CHRISTIE BRINKLEY and Peter Cook’s bitter divorce case has erupted again over custody issues involving their 16-year-old daughter Sailor, The ENQUIRER has exclusively learned.

The former supermodel and her architect ex-husband have been doing battle for the past eight years and are still no closer to becoming friendly exes.

Now an upset Peter claims that Christie, 60, is using Sailor as a pawn in their ongoing feud. He says the blonde beauty recently told him she was traveling abroad but did not give him the itinerary required by the court because they share custody of their daughter.

“The rules are for both sides – not just for one,” Peter fumed. He recalled a stressful incident in which he asked for Sailor’s passport for a trip he had planned – and claims his request was ignored until the last minute.

Pointing a finger at Christie, Peter added, “She is doing everything she can to degrade my role as a father in the eyes of my child.”

It’s not the first time the two parents locked horns.

In February Peter’s longtime lawyer blasted Christie for holding “such little regard for the wellbeing of children” when it came to making public every detail of the breakup. And just weeks earlier, Peter sent his tough-minded ex a letter accusing her of “gross exaggerations, revisionist history and self-serving dishonesty.”

The ENQUIRER learned that over a span of 18 months, Peter filed a litany of complaints against the court-appointed go-between handling their issues. He accused the intermediary of not doing his job and causing him grief.

“I filed 22 complaints and not once have they been acknowledged or responded to. I’m just being ignored!” Peter told The ENQUIRER.

Recently Christie’s team allowed the judge to appoint a new intermediary, but an unhappy Peter confessed, “It’s still endless animosity.”