CASEY ANTHONY’s scheme to earn $5 million in blood money off the death of her 2-year-old daughter CAYLEE has blown up in the wake of public outrage.
Stung by the bitter backlash over Casey’s not guilty verdict, media outlets have backed off a string of deals, includ­ing fat contracts for her prison diary, a two-part TV special, a pay-per-view web­site and exclusive print and on-camera interviews, sources say.
Now Casey plans to stay in hiding for three months while she undergoes therapy and rehabilitates her murderous monster-mom image, insiders add.
“It’s disgusting!” a source declared. “They’re going to try and remake Casey into a victim.”
But media experts predict Casey will never cash in on her infamy.
“There’s such hatred against her in Middle America that if any TV network speaks to her, they’ll be boycotted – even if they don’t pay her,” a top TV net exec told The ENQUIRER.
PLUS! You, the new breed of ENQUIRER reader, have spoken agreeing with America that the notorious “Monster Mom” should not earn a penny from Caylee’s death.
Reader Teresa Gutierrez writes: “She has no right to profit from this horrible tragedy,” adding that any media company in the U.S. that puts out “blood money” for Casey should be boycotted by the public.
Rest assured that The ENQUIRER has no plans whatsoever to pay Casey in any way – but we’ll continue investigating the story that is gripping America!
Adds ENQUIRER reader Kevin Knuth: “NEVER let up on this killer!”
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