ENQUIRER SPECIAL REPORT: How JACK SCHLOSSBERG, 20, is Heir Apparent to Camelot presidency. His deathbed pledge to Teddy! How he saved his mom Caroline’s marriage! And MORE!

THE KENNEDY family is secretly grooming Caroline’s tall, handsome son Jack to be the next JFK!

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that the Camelot torch was passed to Jack Schlossberg – son of Caroline and her husband Edwin – at the deathbed of his dying great-uncle Ted Kennedy three and a half years ago.

“Jack clutched the senator’s limp hand,” revealed a family insider. “With tears in his eyes, he whispered that he wouldn’t let Teddy down.

“HE PROMISED to follow in his grandfather JFK’s footsteps and one day run for president. He told Teddy, ‘I realize that’s my destiny.’ ”

At that moment, the source says the dying senator regained enough strength to gently squeeze Jack’s hand, and a smile crept across his pale face.

“Not long after that heartfelt fare­well, Teddy closed his eyes and took his final breath,” the source continued. “It’s almost as if by hearing Jack’s vow he knew at long last that the family’s political future was assured, and he was finally able to be at peace.”

Now, in a sensational, behind-the-scenes exclusive, The ENQUIRER can reveal details about the dashing 20-year-old Yale University student, including his unbridled political am­bitions, how he kept his parents from divorcing and his surprising vendetta against TV’s most respected news­woman.

In an interview during the Demo­cratic National Convention last September, Jack said: “Politics definitely interests me. I’m most interested in public service…some­thing that I got from being part of my family.”

Incredibly, the hunky Ivy Leaguer has already demonstrated diplomat­ic skills by rescuing his parents’ 26-year union, says a source.

In 2008, the marriage appeared to completely unravel when Caro­line’s close friendship with “New York Times” publisher Arthur  “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. became the subject of rumors in Manhattan social circles.

“Edwin was furious because he felt Caroline was embar­rassing him,” said the insider. “The couple secretly split and it looked like they were head­ing to divorce court.

“Showing poise beyond his years, Jack sat them down and reminded them of what great parents they were and said they needed to remain strong as a family.”

Caroline and Edwin – who also have daughters Rose, 24, and Tatiana, 22 – took his advice to heart and mended the rift.

But he hardly showed that kind of compassion for 83-year-old Barbara Walters. Jack slammed the legendary journalist in the Yale student newspaper last year, calling her scheduled speaking engagement a “disappointment.”

He also ridiculed her advanced age, saying she “may be partially fossilized” and “has a pants suit for every day of the mil­lennium.”

When word got back to Barbara, “she wondered how Caroline could raise such a rude son!” said the insider.

“But Caroline couldn’t be prouder of Jack and the path he’s taking,” said the insider. “She’s confident that someday, it will once again be Camelot at the White House.”