Six months after Toni Tennille filed for divorce from her ailing husband, Daryl Dragon, The ENQUIRER has learned the shocking split has taken a tragic turn.

While Toni, 74, has moved into a luxury home, her 71-year-old ex left the marital home the couple vacated as part of their split and is clinging to life in a small Prescott, Ariz., rental property.

“It’s heartbreaking – it’s like Toni kicked him to the curb after 39 years of marriage,” a close friend told The ENQUIRER.“Daryl is wasting away. He’s fighting for his life.

“It’s turned into a tragic ‘deathbed divorce.’ Townspeople here are upset – they wonder how Toni could be so cruel.”

The ugly divorce has stunned “Captain & Tennille” fans who remember them as lovebirds and musical partners, producing such hits as “Love Will Keep Us Together,” “Do That to Me One More Time” and “Muskrat Love” throughout the 1970s and beyond.

But now the music has died for Daryl, who suffers debilitating tremors from a neurological condition similar to Parkinson’s disease.

And in another cruel blow to the performer, legal documents obtained by The ENQUIRER show Daryl signed a “disclaimer deed” on February 12, giving up any rights to the $360,000 home where Toni now resides like a queen.

In late June, a reporter from The ENQUIRER traveled to Toni’s new home and asked for comment, but Toni slammed the door.

“She discarded Daryl,” fumed an insider.

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