AMERICAN IDOL” sensation CURTIS “CJ” FINCH Jr. has the voice of an angel, but he also boasts a shocking criminal record!

During auditions in Chicago, the gospel singer was hailed as “inspirational” by judge Nicki Minaj after he brought down the house with his stirring rendition of “God Is Able.”

But in 2010 he was singing a different tune – trying to sell a laptop computer that he’d stolen from a fellow church choir member!

“Who knew that church-going CJ had a bit of the devil in him?” said an “Idol”  insider. “Stealing from another choir member? That’s just so wrong!”

According to the police report, on Dec. 9, 2010, the 25-year-old singer – who has already made it to the top 40 – was arrested in St. Louis, Mo., for swiping a $1,500 Apple MacBook computer from another choir student.

Incredibly, he took it right out of the of the victim’s book bag while the group was getting ready to perform in church. CJ then tried to sell the laptop for $700 to another student, who blew the whistle on him. The first-time offender pleaded guilty and paid a judgment of more than $1,800 plus court costs.

While the heavenly-voiced singer remained in the competition, past con­testants with criminal records haven’t fared well on the hit FOX show in the past. Said a source: “When they get to Hollywood, producers may make a huge deal out of it and drop him like a hot potato.”