Welcome to Jamie Lynn, Inc., where teenage pregnancy is a lucrative business!

While much of the country is struggling with the economic crisis, Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend Casey have discovered that talk is anything BUT cheap!

When they’ve got something to say, somebody’s got to pay. (They sold news of her first pregnancy and baby photos for big bucks.)

After The ENQUIRER broke the story about Casey cheating on Jamie Lynn repeatedly while she was pregnant with their first child, we called Casey for comment.

He said he’d be happy to talk – for $250,000! (Earth to Casey: Do you think you’re dating Angelina Jolie?)

Despite mountains of evidence about his cheating and on-the-record interviews with the other women, Casey expected to be paid for denying the affairs. But Casey wasn’t acting alone.

An ENQUIRER reporter talking to Casey soon got a call from Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group.

A woman identifying herself as Lou M. Taylor told us: "I represent Jamie Lynn and Lynne Spears, and if you want to make a deal with Casey, go through me."

Welcome to the family, Casey!