BRUCE JENNER loathes Kim, Kourtney AND  Khloe Kardashian – and that’s the REAL reason the former Olym­pic champion split from Kris Jenner after 22 years of marriage.

The ENQUIRER has exclusively learned that the feuding couple – who have been living apart for months – had a tremendous blowup in early October during which Bruce blasted Kris’ three oldest daughters as “stupid, needy attention whores,” according to a family insider.

The explosive confrontation started during an argument about the future of their daughters Kendall, 17, and Kylie, 16, say sources.

“Bruce had opposed Kendall and Kylie dropping out of high school last year to be home-schooled, but Kris insisted on it,” revealed an insider. “Bruce wanted them to go to college, but Kris called it a waste of time since they have so many business opportunities.”

Then Kris made a tasteless crack about 32-year-old Kim’s infamous sex tape with Ray J that helped propel her and the family to reality stardom.

“Kris said she could make $5 million overnight if she got Kendall and Kylie to film sex tapes,” said the insider. “Kris was only joking but Bruce blew his stack.

“He pointed his finger in her face and accused her of selling out her daughters to fund her own expensive tastes.”

The 64-year-old decathlon cham­pion blasted Kim over the sex tape and her made-for-TV marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries. Then he took aim at Kim’s baby daddy Kanye West, branding him “crass, vulgar and unstable,” according to the insider.

“He called Kim, Kourtney and Khloe disasters and blamed Kris for screwing up their lives,” added the source. “Bruce singled out Kim as being nothing more than a clone of her narcissist mother.”

The source says that Bruce wrapped up his tirade by telling 57-year-old Kris: “Why should I expect Kim to have any morals when her own mother doesn’t?”

Bruce has also been upset with Kourtney, 34, for refusing to kick her ne’er-do-well baby daddy Scott Disick to the curb over his partying and rumored philandering ways.

And he can’t understand why Khloe, 29, doesn’t file for divorce from her husband Lamar Odom after numerous accusations of serial womanizing and drug abuse were leveled against him.

On Oct. 8, the warring Jenners final­ly announced what The ENQUIRER had been reporting for months – that they’d split up.

While the couple insisted that there was “no animosity” between them, in reality sources say Kris is so infuriated she’s not talking to her husband and is even considering dropping the Jenner name and going back to Kardashian.

“Now, Bruce is telling Kris that if she badmouths him publicly, he’ll pull out of their reality show,” said the insider. “He knows that the only way to get Kris’ attention is to threaten her money stream.”