Exclusive! Britney Spears: Her Nuclear Meltdown Clock Is Ticking

Exclusive! Britney Spears: Her Nuclear Meltdown Clock Is Ticking thumbnail

Newly leaked docs, uber-angry fans spark new fears for Sin City lip -syncing popped tart.

WITH fans of Britney Spears slamming her Las Vegas show, pals fear the vicious attacks could send the “Toxic” singer into a tailspin! The National ENQUIRER has obtained a secret logbook of complaints about her “Britney: Piece of Me” show at Sin City’s Planet Hollywood, and the comments are scathing!

One concertgoer wrote that after watching “the lethargic dancing along with the terrible miming … we decided to leave the venue.” The fan, who said she surprised her young daughter with tickets that sell for up to $525 apiece, added: “The show was shockingly fake and Britney looked bored as hell, to put it bluntly.”

Another former fan complained: “Britney Spears was blatantly lip-syncing along to a track. Anyone with ears could tell!”

While the Grammy-winning pop princess had assured fans that she was “definitely going to be singing live” during her Vegas gig, Britney was caught lipsyncing twice in February. She denies that she was lipsyncing. Her vocals suspiciously continued one night after a microphone pack flew off her waistband.

During a performance the following week, Britney’s voice boomed through the 4,600 seat theater, even though her lips didn’t move.

“There have been so many complaints over Britney’s lip-syncing, action had to be taken,” a Planet Hollywood whistleblower told The ENQUIRER. “Now, her microphone is switched on throughout certain songs.”

The show’s crew members are also growing increasingly frustrated with the 32-year-old singer’s diva antics, the source said.

“Britney is constantly late,” the insider revealed. “She has to be rushed into hair and makeup with 20 minutes or less to go before show time.”

Despite all the controversy, Britney’s original two-year contract with Planet Hollywood, which reportedly paid her a whopping $30 million, has been extended through 2016 for another $12 million.

But the mother of two – who famously suffered a breakdown amid reports of drug use before her father, Jamie, won a conservatorship over her affairs in 2008 – may be clueless about the negative chatter.

The ENQUIRER has learned that the “Womanizer” singer was shielded from bad reviews for her latest album, “Britney Jean,” by her father and her manager, Larry Rudolph.

“No one wants to upset Britney,” said another insider. “She lives in a bubble and doesn’t even have access to the Internet. If she were to read anything negative, it could send her into a tailspin!” added the source.

“Everyone walks on eggshells around Britney because they don’t want to trigger another meltdown!”