SO much for family values!  Party-hearty Bristol Palin has shipped off her 4-year-old son Tripp to Grandma Sarah in Ari­zona so she can go wild on the bar scene in Alaska, say sources.

“Since her son left last month, it’s been nonstop partying and club­bing for Bristol,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Bristol is hitting the local bars and acting like she’s a single girl without a worry in the world.”

Disclosed an eyewit­ness: “While Tripp is away, Bristol is at play. She’s been a regular at the Mug-Shot Saloon in Wasilla and other bars in nearby Anchorage.”

To complicate matters, sources say the 22-year-old single mom has been making it difficult for baby daddy Levi Johnston, 23, to spend time with their little boy.

Levi, her former fiance who mar­ried last year, was stunned a few weeks ago when Bristol told him she would be moving to Arizona with Tripp in September and returning to school.

Then, just days later, Bristol texted Levi that Tripp was already in Arizona with Mama Grizzly Sarah, the ex-governor of Alaska and former Republican vice-presidential candi­date.

“Now Levi has no idea when he is going to see his son again,” said the insider.

Like her mom, Bristol is a FIRM advocate of family values and even writes a blog for the Family Channel, which she says is about “faith, family and being a mom.”

But on Aug. 6 she posted recent pho­tos online of Tripp swimming with Sarah’s 5-year-old son Trig – and absentee mom Bris­tol was nowhere to be seen in the pictures.

It’s not the first time Bristol has appeared to put her own needs first.

In 2010, she uprooted her then-21-month-old son from their Alaska home so she could com­pete on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Bristol has also been able to dance around the frequent requests she gets from Levi to spend time with Tripp – claiming the youngster needs to see the doctor or has other appointments, accord­ing to the insider, who added: “Bristol needs to realize that the only person who is going to suffer long-term from her game-playing is Tripp.”