The ENQUIRER has exclusively learned  that the dirty divorce battle that was brewing between former Saturday Night Live star Bill Murray and his wife Jennifer has quietly ended without any more mudslinging.

The couple’s 10-year marriage was dissolved June 13 in a Charleston, S.C., court without any of Jennifer’s nasty charges against Bill figuring into the matter.

Instead, the judge granted the uncontested divorce on the grounds that the couple had been separated for a year or more.

Just a month before the final decree, Jennifer had claimed in her divorce filing that the comic actor had struck her, threatened to kill her and was a booze-swilling, marijuana addicted womanizer.

But The ENQUIRER has learned that Jennifer had issues of her own: Just before she filed for divorce, she did a stint in alcohol rehab.

Police records on Sullivan’s Island, S.C. – where Jennifer lives with her and Bill’s four children – state that she got so drunk on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, that two of her children ran to a neighbor’s house for help and cops were called.

Jennifer also got tanked before attending an oyster roast that month at the home of a neighbor, according to a source, and had to be carried home by two men.

After those two incidents, she entered a rehab clinic in Arizona, says the source, where she remained for 45 days.

In May, after her release, Jennifer filed for divorce, and – despite her own problems – threatened to  drag the Lost in Translation star through the mud.

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