BILL CLINTON’s mad honey was taken into custody for being “a persistent violator”  – police report.
Being intimately involved with ex-President Bill Clinton doesn’t give a girl a free pass with the cops! 
According to a police report obtained exclusively by The National ENQUIRER, Julie Tauber McMahon – the wealthy blonde divorcée who we’ve previously identified as Bill’s “on-off mistress” since 2001 – was taken into custody when she was caught speeding! 
The shocking revelation comes as a sizzling new cheating scandal involving Bill has exploded.
As we recently reported, a just published book claims the former Horndog-in-Chief is cheating on wife Hillary with “a buxom blonde mistress” known as “Energizer” to the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him.
We also revealed that insiders are speculating the woman could be Julie, a 54-year-old mother of three.
While the nature of their relationship from 2011 until now remains unclear, Julie found herself in hot water in 2009 with cops near Chappaqua, N.Y., where she lives five miles from the Clintons.
According to a report filed by police in New Castle, N.Y., Julie was busted on February 19, 2009, when her black Lexus was spotted going 46 miles per hour in a 30-mph zone. 
After stopping her, officers found Julie was driving on a suspended license “due to her being a persistent violator,” according to the report. She was taken “into custody” and cited for a misdemeanor charge of “aggravated unlicensed operation third degree.”
Her then 18-year-old daughter, Madeline, possessed a valid license and was permitted to drive her mother home, the report says. 
Julie has denied a romantic relationship with Bill, but she’s had other driving problems. 
In our August 2, 2004 issue, we revealed that Julie – while not identifying her by name – was involved in an incident outside Bill’s office building in New York City.
A pedestrian, then 39, claimed that she was struck by Julie’s SUV as Julie backed out of a parking space in front of the building. 
The woman said she suffered a torn rotator cuff and tendonosis as a result. At the time she said: “I was crossing the street…chatting on my cell phone with my sister.  All of a sudden, I heard people scream, ‘Look out!’ Next thing I know, this lady just backed into me!” 
The woman called 911, and cops questioned Julie, but she was not charged.