THE rocky 17-year marriage of ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH has imploded – with the handsome stud walking out on the Holly­wood actress, say sources.

Antonio, 53, spent the Easter holidays in his native Spain while 56-year-old Melanie partied with pals at a rock festival in California, the sources add.

The two have long struggled to keep their union afloat amid Mela­nie’s past battles with drugs, alcohol and jealousy, and rumors of Antonio’s flirtations and cheating. But “this past year has been especially hard on their marriage,” said a source.

Antonio has been working nonstop and Melanie’s basically been left home alone with (their teenage daughter) Stella.

“They never stop trying to make their relationship work, but Anto­nio has eyes for other women and is an admitted flirt. Melanie is always worried that a woman younger and prettier than her will steal him away.”

The couple relaxed together on a yacht in the South of France last August in a bid to revitalize their relationship. But they recently de­cided to take separate vacations, with devout Catholic Antonio jetting off to his hometown of Malaga.

“Antonio is deeply religious and felt that he needed to get away to pray for his marriage and family,” revealed the source.

“His local parish in Malaga had chosen him to guide the statue of the Blessed Virgin through the city’s streets on Palm Sunday.

“So while he was there, he took part in Holy Week ceremonies and tradi­tions, and visited with friends and his many family members in the area.”

Meanwhile, Melanie kicked up her heels like a teenager at the hip Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festi­val in Indio.

“It was a strange choice considering her husband was in Spain, praying,” said the source. “But Melanie loves to act like she’s still a kid, and she looked very sexy, baring her midriff while she chain-smoked and shook her booty to the music.”

As The ENQUIRER has report­ed, the couple’s marriage has been tested repeatedly.

Antonio reportedly flirted with two exotic beauties at the 2012 Cannes Film Fes­tival – after he was caught getting cozy with a young Melanie look-alike at a Cancun nightclub.

“Working Girl” Melanie got even by flirting with “Hawaii Five-O” star Scott Caan.

And while Antonio was in Spain with his arm draped around a pretty Span­ish politician, Melanie was spotted having lunch with a handsome young guy in West Hollywood.

During their marriage, Antonio has supported Melanie – who’s battled booze and drug woes – through three trips to rehab. Now he’s getting ready to co-star with newly single Gwyneth Paltrow in a biopic of painter Pablo Pi­casso, “and that doesn’t make Melanie happy,” said the source.

“But she doesn’t want to give up on their marriage either. Still, this time it may finally be over for her and Anto­nio.”