Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria‘s sex tape has been leaked online — but it’s not what you think! The video is for Will Ferrell‘s Web site Funnyordie.com

Poking fun at herself — and Paris Hilton — Longoria spoofed the heiresses’ infamous porno with Rick Salomon. The curvy brunette’s co-star in the funny short is Eric Christian Olsen (aka “Perry Hilton”).

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” asks Longoria at the beginning of the tape while posing for the camera. “What if it gets out? It could be really embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry baby,” responds Olsen. “I’m going to put it someplace safe, like the glove box of my car.”

In the next few scenes the “newlyweds” pillow fight, Longoria jumps on the bed in lingerie and Olsen does push-ups while she sits on his back sifting through a magazine.

“Are you sure no one’s ever going to see this?” Longoria nags, while primping. “Because one day I might want to marry a really cute basketball player or something.”