Basketball player Tony Parker‘s second shot at a marriage proposal to Eva Longoria was a slam-dunk – but he had to outrace Lance Armstrong to get a "yes" from the "Desperate Housewives" beauty.

The couple – who met two years ago – split briefly in September after the actress balked at marriage, but this time she couldn’t resist the straight-shooting hoop star’s amazing full-court press.

"Tony overwhelmed Eva – surprising her with a ring and a bedroom full of flowers – she just couldn’t say anything else but yes," an insider told The ENQUIRER.

To pop the question, the San Antonio Spur secretly flew into Los Angeles on Nov. 29, following a game in Salt Lake City.

"While Eva was working late on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ Tony sneaked into Eva’s house and set his trap," continued the insider.

"When she arrived home and went into the bedroom, she found Tony, an enormous present in a box and thousands of dollars worth of flowers.

"Beaming, he urged her to open the big box.

"Eva began screaming with laughter as she opened it and found a smaller box, and a smaller box inside that.

"Finally there was one tiny box. "Tony tenderly took the box from her, opened it and dropped to one knee.

"Then he slid a gorgeous engagement ring onto her finger."

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