“ER” STAR ANTHONY EDWARDS, one of the highest paid actors on television, wants to leave the show after six years — and he’s told producers to kill off his character so he can never return!

The 38-year-old actor, who earns $125,000 per episode playing Dr. Mark Greene on the hit NBC drama, has decided it’s time to move on to oth-er projects. He’s also angry about his character’s dwindling story line and unfilled promises by the producers to direct more episodes, say sources.

“Anthony is bitter because when the show first began, John Wells, the producer, was there almost every day and catered to the actors — and Anthony was his favorite son,” an inside source revealed.

“But now John has turned over the reigns of ‘ER’ to other people and has gone on to work on ‘The West Wing’ and ‘Third Watch.’

“Anthony is extremely sensitive and is feeling neglected.” Said another source: “Anthony wants ‘ER’ writers to change the script so that his character dies of an inoperable brain tumor. That way he’ll never be able to come back. A slow, sad, tragic death is what he’s looking for.

“And producers have already agreed to consider Anthony’s killer brain tumor.

“Cast members will miss Anthony but they’ve seen him grow more and more unhappy and realize his leaving is what’s best for the show.

Earlier in his career, Anthony dated Meg Ryan.

“He wants to produce and direct and has already produced a movie for Showtime called ‘My Louisiana Sky.’

“Although nobody on ‘ER’ wants him to leave, there’s no changing Anthony’s mind.

“He thinks his vision for the show is clearer than anyone else’s and if his suggestions are not implemented he feels slighted.

“Anthony will fight to make a project work better but he will also walk away rather than accept something he feels is not right. That’s why he wants to walk away now.

“All good things must come to an end — and that’s where Anthony feels he is with ‘ER.’ “


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