CHAZ BONO wants to be the next Brad Pitt!

Superstar Cher’s transgender son is looking better than ever after dropping a whopping 75 pounds – and he has his sights set on a blockbuster Hollywood career as a leading man.

“Chaz is no stranger to pushing the envelope,” said an insider. “He’s come miles in his quest to be his true self, and now he has the same ambitions as any guy trying to make it in Hollywood.

“He wants to be Brad Pitt – or at least have a career like Brad’s.”

5-foot-5 Chaz – who weighed 250 at his heaviest – is certainly sporting a leading man’s physique at about 175 pounds.

“Chaz looks great,” said the insider. “And he’s got good fashion sense – he’s been wearing sleek, tailored suits. It’s a classic, Brad Pitt look.”

The 44-year-old, who was born a female, Chastity, began his transition to become a male in 2009. He’s made dramatic changes to his body in just one year by eating a gluten-free, low-carb diet and maintaining a strict workout schedule.

“Hard work and sacrifice don’t bother Chaz,” noted the insider. “Now he wants to break new ground and sees a day coming when he can compete for the top leading man roles in Hollywood.

“Cher couldn’t be happier. She thinks Chaz has finally found himself and is proud of the effort he’s making.”