The Amazing Kreskin and Kardashians

The Enquiring Minder sought the wisdom of the world-renowned mentalist THE AMAZING KRESKIN to learn where we’d all stand for next spin around the Sun!

At age 77, Kreskin has vowed give his annual predictions a rest for the next 10 years and decided to focus on “serious intuitive analysis”. But he still shared these exclusive new insights with Enquiring Minder!

Kreskin’s advice to LINDSAY LOHAN and other CELEB TROUBLEMAKERS who had breakdowns in 2012?

“You did not do this alone. You had support. Those people at the parties and clubs, if they were really friends, they’d do everything they could to support you and get you out of this pattern in life. They are using you and you need to find who your real friends are.”

Kreskin warns that celebrities like the KARDASHIANS and JERRY SPRINGER will lead to the “breakdown of relationships” for all of us. “Reality shows are 24 hours a day. We’re becoming socially dysfunctional.” More specifically“The Kardashians are not living a realistic lifestyle. When the public sees things happen repeatedly, they will imitate.”

Exciting new trends for the upcoming Celestial Circuit?

  • “Friendship is an investment both ways, I see coming about a return in our society where we gather together and have dinner together.”
  • “HAUNTED HOUSES will be more popular.”
  • “The profession taking on greater respectability will be the BARTENDER.  The masters of this artform will be visited and talked to about troubles; they give people a place to turn.”
  • “Hollywood will move to places like PITTSBURGH and INDIA, causing movie stars to make much less salary than they were getting years ago.”

Caveats for the next twelve moons?

  • "I’ve been troubled very deeply, Our holidays were personal this year because we were overshadowed by disaster." Kreskin warned, “Guns are affecting every aspect of our culture. If something isn’t done, we’ll have more disasters more frequently because we’re becoming desensitized."
  • Pontificating about technology, Kresin states, “The last privacy we have left is our thoughts.”
  • What should be our top priority in the next year? Kreskin reminds us, “The first amendment is most important.”

A final resounding caution from Kreskin about EXTREME weather:

“Our weather is changing, unquestionably.  We are beset with things we are not prepared for. If the oceans rise, the city of New York must prepare.”