Letters, we get letters…

Dear Enquiring Minder,

Every year I swear I’ll actually do something on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but I end up wasting the day entirely. Some of my friends think this is super legit, since it’s a day off from work. We all dream of a vacation day, right?

Got any ideas how I can live the dream and not be ashamed to tweet about it?

A faithful reader for over 20 years,  Bayport, NY

In 2013, live a life you can be proud of!  Get your big girl activist pants on, it’s time for action. MLK Jr day is a day of service, not a vacation. Ronald Reagan barely signed this day into law, and it’s been tooth and nail getting companies to honor Dr. King’s dream since. If you want change done right, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Don’t know where to start?
Sign up your project or yourself on Obama’s United We Serve or earn your service hours from the Natural and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal.

Want to live the dream outside of the system?
Try the non-profit sector’s Volunteer Match for the day.

MLK 5K when you feel like running away (from your day job)?
From sea to shining sea, from Atlanta to DC, local running clubs are raising real funds for charities.

Even Snoop Dogg has a pet cause, Mind Gardens, a non-profit that provides sustenance of the mind and body for children worldwide. Search the American Community Garden Association for a local garden where you can drop it like it’s hot.

IF you’re going to wear sweatpants, at least be doing something good for the world.

Let this be the year you get off the sofa, and make a difference. OR go back to sleep  — and have a dream, too.